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Seven tips to writing fantastic blog posts regularly

Lessons I learned on this topic from a decade of blogging.

Safari - A digital library for your career growth

Safari Online is a digital library for CXOs that has e-books, case studies, learning paths, and much more.

How to think structurally? A framework for developers.

Learning how to think is the best intellectual asset you can build for yourself. Here is one framework to help you.

How to deliver value in digital age?

In the digital era, software is the business. What skills are needed to thrive in this era?

I have seen the future of jobs and it is Hollywood model

We will collaborate to create and capture value. Are you ready for the change?

After 300 blog posts...

Through 12 years and 300 posts, blogging has become an integral part of me. It has been a rewarding journey.

11 Lives to Build a Rich Career

You take about 7 years to master a skill. You can continue to learn new skills to build a rich and valuable career.

The curse of EVERYTHING and NOW on building your career

Successful business-men advice you to learn as many business functions as you can learn. But you should be aware of a mental trap that comes with it.

An awesome tip from Jack Ma & Derek Sivers to build your career

Should you specialize in a single technology or learn as many business functions as I could learn? Let us find what Jack Ma & Derek Sivers have to say.

What I learned as a CTO

A self-reflective post about what each letter of the job title CTO means to me.

Book Notes - Industries of the future by Alec Ross

The fields of next decade are: robotics, genetics, digital commerce, cyber-security, and big data. Countries that choose open systems will attract future industries.

How to become a better programmer

Starting with programming is easy. Becoming better is a continuous journey.

Little Talents

If you are faithful in small things, you will become master of great many things

Programmers: Where is your portfolio?

Want to build your career? Want a better job? Want to work in a top-tech company? Build a portfolio.

Advice to my fellow developers

If I would become a story-teller, I'll be telling other's stories. As a software developer, I can be a story with the products I develop.

How Your Attitude Impacts Your Career Growth?

Your attitude determines the limits of your career.

How The Damn Google Spoiled My Career

Degradation of brain power was gradual; but its impact after years later is telling.

What Is Your Ideal Job?

Have you paused to think what your ideal job would be?

How To Be Effective As A New Manager?

Five tips to get you started as a new manager.

What is your learning model?

My learning model is of two layers - a core layer, domains in which I want to be an expert and a support layer, domains which will help me to practice my expertise effectively.

Don’t throw away your opportunity

Call it 'unfair', but life never presents an opportunity in a golden plate.