Video To Watch: Ideas are easy, execution is everything by John Doerr

John Doerr, venture capitalist, talks about the next big things and how to identify great ventures

John Doerr is a venture capitalist who has backed some of the most successful entrepreneurs like Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Campbell. In this lecture at UC Berkeley, he talks about startups, investments, career decisions and so on. Particularly interesting topics to me are, ’the next big things’ and ‘how to identify great ventures’.

Ideas are easy, execution is everything

Next big things:

  • drone
  • green technology
  • local on-demand services
  • cyber-security
  • digital health

How to identify great ventures:

  • technical excellence
  • outstanding team
  • strategic focus on un-served markets
  • speed (execution)
  • reasonable financing

If you are interested in startups, you should watch this video. It is about an hour long, but it is worth it.

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