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Seven tips to writing fantastic blog posts regularly

Lessons I learned on this topic from a decade of blogging.

After 300 blog posts...

Through 12 years and 300 posts, blogging has become an integral part of me. It has been a rewarding journey.

Using ConvertKit For Email Marketing

ConvertKit is a well designed email marketing software. I'm starting to use it for this blog.

When quantity trumps quality?

As a consumer, I prefer quality; as a maker, I prefer quantity.

Roundup of popular and emerging blogging platforms

Once you decide to blog, then comes the question of 'where' to blog. In this article, I list some of the popular and emerging choices.

Seven Insights From Two Months of Blogging

What I have learned blogging regularly.

It's Not A Blog, It's A Book

How Guy Kawasaki's advice changed my blogging practice.