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Notes from day 2 of TiECon Chandigarh 2017

2017.02.18 / biz / startup / sdl / tiechd /

TiECon Chandigarh 2017 is a two-day conference focused on the theme of 'Entrepreneurship in times of change'. These are my notes from Day 2.

TiECon Chandigarh 2017 is a two-day conference focused on the theme of “Entrepreneurship in times of change”. The conference brought together a range of speakers from local and foreign governments (Canada, Israel, UK, and India), academia, angel investing, venture funding, mega-corporates and of course from startups. It is a confluence of ideas.

These are my notes from the second day of the conference. As you read remember that, I didn’t attend all sessions and this is not a review of the sessions. These are just ”notes to self” that I’m sharing.

I also posted my notes from the first day. Read them for continuity.

Sandeep Goyal, Chairman of Mogae Media shared his insights on entrepreneurship under the title, “Winsights”. He shared about 12 points. I’m listing those that resonated with me:

TiECon 2017

The next session was about ‘Building for the world’. It was a panel discussion. I could listen only to Rajendran Dandapani, director of Zoho. He sounded more like a philosopher than an engineer (yet, the ideas resonated with me).

Raman Roy, the pioneer of BPO industry in India, shared his insights coming out of building successive successful companies. Primary ideas are:

Sumit Sood of Global Logic and Sai Narayan of Policy Bazaar talked about New age marketing. It was more of talking about the new age and the need for rethinking the marketing rather than marketing for new age.

TiECon 2016 was the foundation. TiECon’17 built on top of it. It was well organized. It didn’t look like a conference in a II-Tier city. I’m sure there was lot of background work that made these two days smooth and fantastic.

I’ve only one suggestion for the next conference. There should be a hackathon.

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