'Nonviolent Communication' With Ranjitha Jeurkar

Are we becoming polarized because we are not talking to people who are different from us? Or is it because we are polarized, we don't talk to people who are different from us? In either of the cases, talking to people so as to understand their point of view is important.

Nonviolent Communication with Ranjitha Jeurkar

  • What is nonviolent communication? What are its origin?
  • Why is it called nonviolent?
  • How can we use nonviolent communication at home, office, and in society?
  • How can employees use NVC with their bosses?
  • As work is moving more and more online, we miss all the cues that happens in physical world. In that scenario, how can we use NVC to communicate better?
  • What kind of coaching you offer in NVC?

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