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Abstractions are useful, if you know the context

All abstractions are useful within a context. This is true in life as much as in technology.

Video - Truth About Passive Income & Financial Freedom

Focus on building financial confidence, not financial freedom. When you have financial confidence, you can generate 4 types of income.

What I learned about leadership from the book 'Lead like Jesus'

Leadership is holistic. Leaders should lead with humility and confidence.

Video - 3 Daily Needs

We all need something to look up to, another to look forward to, and another is someone to chase.

Agile in the C-Suite

This is the best of times and worst of times to be a CXO. Here is my story of how I am learning to be a CXO using agile principles.

How to deliver value in digital age?

In the digital era, software is the business. What skills are needed to thrive in this era?

Mastering sales as a new CTO

Prepare, Perform, and Probe is a three-stage approach that can help new chief technology officers to master and excel in sales.

Cyber Security for Women

Women are the change makers. Even in cyber-security they will lead the change.

Three stages of startups and how to chose tech-stack for each of them

Startups can be classified into three stages as per their life-cycle. Here I present guidelines on choosing a tech-stack for each of these stages.

What small IT businesses can learn from Mary Meeker's internet trends report

Since 2001, Mary Meeker has been release annual internet trends report. This year report is full of insights that small IT business can use.

Guest lecture on entrepreneurship at Christ College, Bangalore

I love talking to college students about entrepreneurship. Recently, I spoke to MCA students of Christ College, Bangalore.

Notes from day 2 of TiECon Chandigarh 2017

TiECon Chandigarh 2017 is a two-day conference focused on the theme of 'Entrepreneurship in times of change'. These are my notes from Day 2.

Notes from day 1 of TiECon Chandigarh 2017

TiECon Chandigarh 2017 is a two-day conference focused on the theme of 'Entrepreneurship in times of change'. These are my notes from Day 1.

Notes from NASSCOM Annual Technology Conference - 2016

My notes from the annual NASSCOM Technology conference , 2016.

Where there is vision, people prosper

World is a better place because of definite optimists. Their vision continues to prosper the world.

How to improve project delivery in an IT services company

How do you take a mid-size IT service company into its next level?

System for success

Want to succeed in life? Have a system.

When quantity trumps quality?

As a consumer, I prefer quality; as a maker, I prefer quantity.

Video To Watch: Ideas are easy, execution is everything by John Doerr

John Doerr, venture capitalist, talks about the next big things and how to identify great ventures

My Itches, My Ventures

Is Paul Graham right? Is scratching your own itch the best way to build a product? I'm sure to find the answer soon.

What I learned in a year as an entrepreneur

Three lessons I learned in a year as an entrepreneur

Notes from Lean Startup Session by TiE, Chandigarh

Key component of a startup is the feedback loop

Entrepreneurship is a metamorphosis, not a baptism

When I was an employee, I used to think that being an entrepreneur is much like an employee, only with added responsibilities. Now that I am an entrepreneur, I realize how foolish I was.

Notes From Session With Mahavir Sharma, Serial Entrepreneur & Trustee, TiE, Global

Notes from interactive session with Mahavir Sharma at TiE, Chandigarh

Want to make doing business in India easy? Start with incorporation

If starting a business in India has to improve, the entire process should be studied and simplified.

Insights From Startup Expo @ ISB, Mohali

A crash course on everything startups need to know.

Five Insights From Successful Indian Entrepreneurs

Inspiration from those who ran before me.

Paranoid is ok; Paralysis is not ok

As I build my new company, I will find myself in novel situations. I may become uncertain, nervous and sweaty. Yet, never should I become paralysed. It will destroy everything I build.

Big Ideas From Peter Theil

Seven big challenging ideas from Peter Theil, Paypal founder

People Aren't Potatoes

Treating people as replaceable commodities is an antiquated idea. It is time to bury the idea.

When To Listen To Your Critics?

You better listen to critics. But not when you ideate.

Do Credentials Matter?

One's credentials do not guarantee success; it's their attitude that makes or breaks a venture.

If Church Can Reinvent Itself, Why Can't Companies

Despite doom-sayers, the Church has survived thousands of years because it reinvented. Why can't companies survive the changing environment?

Startups And Security

An interview with Sastry, a serial entrepreneur about balancing speed in bringing a product to market and sufficiently securing it.

What I Learned Building For AppStore

Eight key lessons from building and selling Mac & iOS apps.

What an Indie Developer Expects From Apple

At WWDC, Apple introduced improvements aimed at both users and developers. But it has to improve its 'doing business' part.

Focus On What Matters Or Sleep Alone

If you are an independent software developer, there is only one metric to measure & improve.

No, I'm Developing A Product

Say the solo-ISV prayer to focus on the essentials.

Joining Elite Clubs

What are the benefits of joining clubs?

This ≠ That

this is not that

How To Get The Feedback That You Deserve

Obtaining feedback is critical to designing products that stand the test of time. But getting meaningful feedback isn't easy.

Customer Service Is Sales

If you deliver superb customer service consistently, you will get repeat customers.

Documenting Your Decisions

Always document the context of a decision. You'll be surprised how this one activity can improve your decision making capability in the long term.

We Don't Need More; We Need Better

More of the same only produces more of the same results. Nothing improves.

Beware of Cloning Best Practices

It is regretful that consulting profession is crowded with sheeps in lion's cloth.

Seven Business Trends to Watch in India

What are the future trends in emerging markets?

Starting a Startup is Like an Itch - Says Vivek, Co-Founder of InterviewStreet

Interview with Vivek, co-founder of InterviewStreet.

5 Steps To Achieve Your Goal – Lessons From Failures

Are you moving towards your goal or just spining round and round?

Technology is Powerful; But Its Not The Panacea - Says Ranjan Varma, a Personal Financial Expert

Interview with Ranjan Varma, who is tapping the internet to create financial products for common man to use.

Smart People Ask For Help. Do You Ask For Help?

You don't have to sweat it alone. Be smart and seek expert's help

3 Core Requirements For A Happy-path Project Life

For a happy-path project life-cycle, its essential to have a well defined support structures in place. Without these structures, there won't be any life in the cycle.

Should You Run That Extra Mile to Make a Sale?

Customer is king, is a mantra that Sales team lives by. But there are times we need to differentiate between bad customer service and annoying customer demands.

Four Lessons I Learned While Working For A Cardiac Surgeon

Four lessons I learned while developing an IT system for a cardiac surgeon.

What is your learning model?

My learning model is of two layers - a core layer, domains in which I want to be an expert and a support layer, domains which will help me to practice my expertise effectively.

Simply better entertainer


Standing on giants

Motivation is a big part in getting through tough challenges. Drawing inspiration from others can help.

What do customers want?

Companies should spend their resources on improving customer's experience at every point of contact  - be it marketing, sales, delivery or post-sales support.

Freelancer or a consultant?

Considering that I'm my own boss but work from client site, should I call myself as a freelance consultant?

Lessons I learned from IPL

While corporate business and cricket are different domains, IPL has brought them together. Here are some lessons for corporates from IPL.