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Why It Hurts To Be An Indian?

Going from an emerging economy to a submerging economy hurts.

Ignorant Of Many Things

There are three types of ignorance - should know but don't know, better to know but don't know, don't care to know, so don't know.

What Ails India?

If you think corruption is the fundamental cause, it is not.

Why I Support Koodankulam Protesters?

You may disapprove their point of view, but defend their right to have a point of view. Or else, tomorrow you will lose the privilege to have a point of view.

What Is A Tool?

Is software first-order creation or a second-order creation?

Will A SOPA Like Protest Succeed In India?

Can mass online movements change democracy?

Is SOPA Only About Movie Industry?

Why tech community isn't going against their own in the fight against SOPA?

What's Wrong With Our Educational System?

Five factors that are wrong in our educational system.

Seven Business Trends to Watch in India

What are the future trends in emerging markets?

Good Morning. How Much Did We Make While Sleeping?

Wealth can not be created if revenue is a function of hours worked. What avenues are available for creating passive income.

Shed your colonial inheritance - lead us by uniting

Indians got the British out of India; but the Indian politicians still use their tactics.

An odyssey with gods

It is an age old question - is there a god? I journey through life to find practical answers. The journey isn't easy; but the answers out of the journey is practical and they work good for me.

First Experience

Voting in an Indian election is an experience in itself.