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Cyber Security for Women

2017.08.17 / biz / talks / security /

Women are the change makers. Even in cyber-security they will lead the change.

Cyber-security for women

Last week (10-August), I was invited to be part of a panel on "Cyber-Security for Women" at an event organized by Young Indians (YI), which is an initiative of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The panel was part of a day long event titled "Empowering Women - I am the change". I was surprised but glad that they were talking about cyber-security as part of empowering women.

The other member in the panel was Ms. Rashmi Sharma Yadav, DSP, Cyber crime cell & IT, Chandigarh. Ms. Sonika Gupta, moderated the session. Ms. Sonika had researched well and asked us wide-range of pertinent questions. I felt that the questions were applicable to all rather than just women.

Points made in the event are:

There is a concern in the cyber-security groups that there is not enough interest about security among professionals — developers, business owners, and analysts. So it was encouraging to be invited to talk about cyber-security. As the theme of the day claimed, Women are indeed the change makers.

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