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What I'm doing now

What I'm doing now.

“Now is a gift”

I’m in Panchkula, Haryana, India. Covid messed up my routine, but hey, I’m still alive and kicking. I’m thankful for that. We are in the season where “decades happen in a week.” Here are the things that are keeping me busy:

  • As a CTO of a boutique IT services company, I’m rolling out a working from home (WFH) program for all employees. It means evaluating new tools, monitoring the network for any security attacks, resolving WFH issues, and so on. It is exciting but also exhausting. If you are in the same boat as me and would like to chat, feel free to connect with me on twitter or LinkedIn
  • At home, I love spending time with my boys, aged ten and seven. They have their own Youtube channel. I encourage them to create at least one video per week, and they surprise me with their creativity. I don’t think I was this creative anytime in my life. We conduct Bible Study regularly as a family just before dinner. It is a lot of fun as I get to narrate stories from the Bible and our lives. During dinner, we play math, word, or family history games. Their recent favorite in math is the percentage game, where they calculate a 10% discount or addition.
  • Three of my friends reached out to me to coach them. What started as one-to-one coaching has become a full-fledged coaching program, called Gravitas WINS. I’m starting the second batch on Nov 15th.

Daily Themes

I have a daily theme that I focus on. It doesn’t mean I work only on that theme on a day. It is a means to trigger conscious actions on that day.

  • Monday : Learning (consume & create). I write a blog post or shoot videos for the vlog. Some days, I might read a book or articles stored in the Pocket app or from RSS feeds in Feedly.
  • Tuesday: Consulting. I focus on the CTO job.
  • Wednesday: Consulting. I focus on the CTO job.
  • Thursday: Routine works / Networking. I complete whatever important but not urgent works, like bookkeeping, tax filing, and payments. I also call or email friends. Sometimes, I send emails to authors or podcasters who influenced me.
  • Friday: Consulting. I focus on the CTO job.
  • Saturday: Teaching Gravitas WINS.
  • Sunday: Rest, Refresh, and Plan.

12 Weeks Themes

I don’t make New Year goals. I focus on creating systems for different areas in my life, so much of my life can go on automatic mode. Every 12 weeks, I focus on pruning or putting up a new system for one of the themes from Wealth, Insights, Network, or Self-Control.

This page is inspired by Derek Siver’s own now page. You can view my now page and other’s now page at Now Now Now.

last updated: March 18, 2020; Photo by Zachary Keimig.

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