'Thrive In Gig Economy' With Shresth Shrivastav

When you become a freelancer, you don't have to lose out on the benefits...

Join me in conversation with the Founder & CEO of BeGig, Shresth Shrivastav. BeGig is an exclusive tech ecosystem, helping freelancers find and bid on exciting tech gigs. You can visit their website at www.begig.io. Shresth and I discuss his journey so far as a solopreneur, building a safety net for gig workers, and what experts should do to thrive in the new economy.

In 2014, I wrote an article saying future of jobs is partnership of experts. In it I argued, that experts will come together much like actors, musicians, and directors come together to make a movie. So when I came across Sresth, who has founded a company in this domain, I couldn’t resist inviting him to the conversation.

Hope today’s conversation gives you some perspective about this trend and also help you play along in this domain.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is BeGig?
  • What benefits will BeGig offer?
  • What shifts in society is needed to accept this trend in a positive way
  • Will we see fractional CIOs and CTOs?
  • Concerns on hiring soloprenuers
  • What skills will help me in this new environment?

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