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Video - Truth About Passive Income & Financial Freedom

2018.07.02 / biz / wealth / video /

Focus on building financial confidence, not financial freedom. When you have financial confidence, you can generate 4 types of income.

Truth about passive income

One of my newest colleague, Adhyuth, can’t stop talking about Dan Lok. I wanted to find out for myself who this Dan Lok guy is and what is so special about him.

I started watching some of his videos and man, he is damn good. Here is one video that popped out for me. This an hour-long video, but worth it.

Here are my notes from this video. It is not a transcript, but my notes — what I learned from the video.

4 types of income

There are 4 types of income:

3 Myths blocking you from earning massive passive income

Myth #1. Passive income is permanent

Don’t aim for financial freedom. Aim for financial confidence.

Knowing you have the skills to make money anywhere, anytime is the true freedom. Invest in yourself and learn high-income skills.

Myth #2: Passive income is effortless

Myth #3: What you do determines what you earn

What it does it take to feel wealthy

Wealth is gratitude.

No amount of money will make you wealthy. Being wealthy is an attitude of mind.

Your nightmare is a fantasy for someone in a developing country. So whatever problem you face is not a problem at all. You are already wealthy (if you can read blogs or watch videos on youtube).

Only from the place of abundance and generosity, you can create value.

It is a long video but worth the time. Watch it.

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