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Bloggers: Read this before moving to https

Posted: Tags: tech,security,martech

To comprehensively secure your blog, you need to use a 3rd party feed management tool that serves your feed over http.…

Benefits of https

Posted: Tags: tech,security,martech

If your site is only static site should you move it to https? Will moving to https impact site's seo? Read to find out.…

What I learnt about security and SEO by auditing 25000 sites

Posted: Tags: tech,seo,security,martech

Auditing 25k sites to know the state of security and seo in the wild, wild web…

Using Pouchdb with nodejs

Posted: Tags: code,nodejs,pouchdb

If you want to store unstructured data locally, checkout PouchDb…

Auditing a website with nodejs

Posted: Tags: code,nodejs,martech

Auditing a site for SEO, security, and performance is time-consuming, and tedious. Automate it with nodejs.…

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