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Read me. Don't classify me, I'm not a genre - Carlos Fuentes

Mastering sales as a new CTO

Prepare, Perform, and Probe is a three-stage approach that can help new chief technology officers to master and excel in sales.

Best of what I consumed in 2018 Q1

Key points from the videos, articles, books, and audio books I consumed in 2018 Q1.

Understanding routing in React.js

Learn fundamentals of React-router v4

Rendering an array of data with React.js

Learn how to loop array of data in React.

Using dep, the Golang dependency management tool

A concise guide to dep, the golang's dependency management tool.

Sri Lanka Trip

Though Sri Lanka is tiny, it has variety. In our year-end vacation, we visited temples, churches, beaches, national parks, lakes, tea factory, and a spice garden.

I have seen the future of jobs and it is Hollywood model

We will collaborate to create and capture value. Are you ready for the change?

After 300 blog posts...

Through 12 years and 300 posts, blogging has become an integral part of me. It has been a rewarding journey.

Invoking external API from React Native using Fetch

Learn to invoke external APIs using Fetch network API and modify values using state.

Using 3rd Party Libraries in React Native

In this tutorial, we will learn to use one of the library from the ever expanding React Native ecosystem.


Reputation and respect are worth more than gold - Bible

Joseph and I worked together early in his career when his excellent technical skills, can-do attitude and great work ethic were a hard-to-beat combination. He has grown into a leader who inspires not only with his friendly and infectiously positive disposition, but also with his analytical and technical abilities.

Sastry Tumuluri Covansys Limited

Joseph is a multi-faceted person, working with him is great fun and learning too. He is master of many arts. He is one of very few talented persons who are ready to work outside their comfort zone. He is very technical and result oriented person and once he takes up any job or challenge, be rest assured that the job is done. I myself has witnessed it many times during my stint at iGATE.

Guru Murty iGATE Global Solutions

Joseph is one of those rare persons, who despite all their knowledge are full of humility. An innovator who understands the strength of process flow and thinks one level ahead. His contribution to Government of India's first successful mission mode project MCA21 is immense.

Anil Kumar Bhardwaj Director, Government of India


I write a book for myself - Paulo Coelho

I wrote a book on Ionic, a framework to build mobile applications for both iOS and Android. It was published by Apress. I also started writing a 2nd book on hapi.js, the node.js framework that powers Walmart mobile apps.

Learn Ionic 2

Learn to build cross-platform mobile applications using Ionic 2 framework. The book takes an hands-on approach to teach Ionic 2 with practical examples. You will learn to integrate with 3rd party APIs like Google Analytics, use camera, and build application that can work offline.

hapi.js with Typescript

hapi.js is a web framework for node.js developed at Walmart. hapi is still used at Walmart to serve traffic from mobile apps. TypeScript is a layer on top of JavaScript targeting developer's productivity. In this book, you will learn to develop web applications with hapi.js and Typescript.