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I write articles, host a podcast and run a coaching program, all under the theme of building a flywheel of success for life and career.

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  • "Gravitas wins radio is one of my favorite podcasts. Joseph has got the knack of fetching maximum insights from the other person in the conversation. He doesn’t only cover the work-related aspect of life but also touches upon other things which matter a lot in life." - Rishabh Garg
  • "I have known JJ closely for some years now, and the simplicity of his thought process is mind-blowing !!! A voracious reader, he knows the art of converting information to knowledge… and he makes it all look so simple." - Ritika Bhatia
  • "Joseph and I worked together early in his career when his excellent technical skills, can-do attitude and great work ethic were a hard-to-beat combination. Based on his contribution, I had no hesitation in recommending him for bigger roles. Being a quick learner, he made excellent use of the opportunity and has grown into a leader who inspires not only with his friendly and infectiously positive disposition, but also with his analytical and technical abilities." - Sastry Tumuluri