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I've been a consultant, entrepreneur, and business analyst.

I work with C-level executives to solve their business problems with technology. In my recent engagement, I setup an innovation lab for an information technology (IT) company to accelerate their digital offering. Previously, I architected an e-governance system for LLP Act, India and also oversaw transition of India's premier e-governance project, MCA21, from TCS to Infosys. I document my learning in this blog.

I co-authored a book on Ionic, a framework for building multi-platform mobile applications. It is published by Apress and is listed at Amazon. I'm writing another book on hapi.js, a node.js framework developed at Walmart labs. I write regularly on full-stack development in this blog.

I got a page, called now, which lists my current focus.

I'm always learning something new. I'm interested in self-improvement, business, technology, and impact of psychology on all of these. I designed a framework to assist me in continuous learning. I called it consume, produce, and engage. I'm a regular blogger and a developer.

I operate by a set of principles, which has earned these testimonials from my colleagues and bosses.

This blog is generated by a self-made static blogging app, Olai. Olai means leaf in my mother tongue Tamil.

Born in Tuticorin, studied in Coimbatore, worked in Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi. I worked in Belgium, for a brief period (5 years). I like to explore new cities, taste new food, and meet new people.

About this blog

Most write out of authority, authority in the field. I don't. I am a learner. I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself. ― C.S. Lewis.

Focus of this blog

This blog is part of produce and engage part of my learning. I share what I learn.

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