Joseph Jude

What I learned as a CTO

2017.02.08 / guest-post / coach / tech / sketch /

A self-reflective post about what each letter of the job title CTO means to me.

Hashnode is a digital meeting place for software developers. I have been following them since their first avatar as devmag. Recently, Sandeep, their co-founder, requested me to write for their Hashnode Originals section.

I chose to write about my experience as a chief technology officer. After trying in few different ways to write the article, I chose to write the article in a self-reflective manner. I choose to write what each word of the title means to me and how I performed against that definition.


I liked how it turned out. Sandeep and team helped in editing it even better. The article is live now. Read it and spread it.

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