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Common Traps In Getting Meaningful Feedback

Three traps in getting feedback.

Documenting Your Decisions

Always document the context of a decision. You'll be surprised how this one activity can improve your decision making capability in the long term.

Don't Make All Mistakes; Learn From Other's

We can't learn from our mistakes because we, as humans in general, are averse dissecting them. So let's learn from other's mistakes.

Don't Torture Context To Fit Your Solution

Analyze the situation and tailor the solution rather than tinkering the problem statement to plug the solution at hand.

Is Problem Solving an Art or Science?

Problem solving is as much a science as an art.

Talk Their Language

Communication is effective and complete only if audience understand what is being communicated. Don't throw jargons for critical ideas hindering the comprehension.

Don't Replace Backbone With A Wishbone

It is easy to wish for our situations to be transformed magically. It is easy because every one does so. But only those who step out of their wishing zone create magic.

Rich Repository of Business Cases

Practicing with busienss cases facilitate developing a structured approach to solving problems.

Is Problem Solving Tying Us To The Past?

If you want to create a better future for yourself and your company, be a better problem solver.

A Dedicated Blog On Problem Solving

A Dedicated Blog On Problem Solving

SODAS - A Simple Problem Solving Methodology

Introducing a simple problem solving methodology.

Don't Polarize

Polarized solutions provide short-term success, they are ineffective in the long-term.

Aim For Success

Efficient problem solvers aim at success rather than perfection

How Ideologies Impact Problem Solving?

Ideologies don’t get discussed openly. But they are the ‘invisible hand’, determining our perception and responses. So if the ideologies converge, you will make quick progress.

Don't Fail to Ask 'What is The Problem?'

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom. So what is a prudent question in resolving a problem?

Be a Problem Solver

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Don't Frown Upon Problems

Don't complain when problems overwhelm you with their forms and dimensions. Be happy. If not for them, you don't have a job in knowledge industry.

Ten Commandments of a Problem Solver

The main principles for solving any problems

How to Ask For Help and Get It?

We recognize that with little help we can make a head-way. But out of inhibition, we do not ask for help. If you are suffering because you do not ask for help, here are five insights to help you.