Have you changed your mind lately?

When the world changes, it is risky to rely on an outdated view of the world.

We are blind to the restricting patterns of the world we live. We are taught that the world works a certain way, and as a result of our upbringing, we do not question or challenge these beliefs.

Tell me if you believe, or used to believe, the following:

  • Maturity comes with age
  • Men should not cry
  • High-quality products are expensive

They are all correct. Only in a specific context. When your circumstances changes they all crumble. Your situation may change due to a change in your life stage, or relocation to a different country, or technological advancement. When the world changes, it is risky to rely on an outdated view of the world.

Everything in my life was going wrong at one point. I had a failed relationship, a high-paying contract was abruptly terminated, and my dream of starting a business came crashing down around me. All of this happened over the course of two years. It was all too much for me to bear.

My good friend suggested I go to a church in the nearby hills. I took up the suggestion. I was the first to enter the church when it opened at 6 a.m. The church was empty and I sat on the last pew. Silence of the place, the weight of my heart, and my helplessness brought tears instead of words. I wept everyday, for three months. Emptying the heart brought peace. With peace came wisdom. Then came opportunities.

Perhaps I was able to spot opportunities because I was at peace and wise.

Now, every quarter, I pause and ask myself three questions:

  • Where am I struggling?
  • What is blocking me?
  • Who can help me?

In most cases, I am unsure of what is blocking me. Maybe I know what’s hindering my progress, but I’m not sure if it’s a blind spot on my part or if it’s a genuine obstacle. This is why I have a group of advisors I meet and speak with on a regular basis. Often, they will see the same problem from a different perspective, and offer me suggestions for resolving it. With many advisors, our plans succeed. (That’s another thing I have changed my mind about.) Isn’t that right?

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