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What I learned about leadership from the book 'Lead like Jesus'

Leadership is holistic. Leaders should lead with humility and confidence.

Write your book using softcover and docker

Softcover provides a tool to build the book and publish. Use docker to install this publishing tool.

Book Notes - Industries of the future by Alec Ross

The fields of next decade are: robotics, genetics, digital commerce, cyber-security, and big data. Countries that choose open systems will attract future industries.

Buy Your Favorite Books At Flipkart eBook Sale

A sale is going on at my favorite e-book store. Go buy them while it lasts.

Notes from 'Steve Jobs'

Key points from this fascinating book.

Book Summary : The McKinsey Way

Key takeaway from this book is, there should be structure in your thinking, analysis and communication for effective problem solving.

Book Review - Fail Safe investing

World of investment doesn't have to be "a parallel universe controlled by prophecy, mysterious symbols, obscure cycles, and strange ideas about how human beings behave." Harry Browne shows it can be safe and simple.

Should Books Be Backed By Scientific Research?

Books that had profound impact on me and those improved my life were not based on scientific research, but commonsense. Would you read books by field-workers or only by researchers?

Book Review - Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen

Case studies of breakthrough innovations in India.

Book Review - Making India Work

William Bissell, CEO of FabIndia, diagnoses reasons for current state of affairs in India and prescribes solutions.

Quotable quotes from 'A Game Plan For Life' by John Wooden

Quotes I liked from A Game Plan For Life.

Book Review – A Game Plan For Life by John Wooden

If you wish to be mentored by a meaningful life, pick up this book.

How relevant is ‘The Mythical Man-Month’?

One book that every software developer should read to avoid the agony of software develoment.