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Abstractions are useful, if you know the context

All abstractions are useful within a context. This is true in life as much as in technology.

How to deliver value in digital age?

In the digital era, software is the business. What skills are needed to thrive in this era?

What is a multi-tenant system?

Software architects have borrowed lot of concepts from civil engineering. Multi-tenancy is one such concept.

Introduction to machine learning

Democratization of machine learning will create amazing products and services for us. Let us understand what it is.

Write your book using softcover and docker

Softcover provides a tool to build the book and publish. Use docker to install this publishing tool.

What I learned as a CTO

A self-reflective post about what each letter of the job title CTO means to me.

How to become a better programmer

Starting with programming is easy. Becoming better is a continuous journey.

Notes from NASSCOM Annual Technology Conference - 2016

My notes from the annual NASSCOM Technology conference , 2016.

Using ConvertKit For Email Marketing

ConvertKit is a well designed email marketing software. I'm starting to use it for this blog.

Programmers: Where is your portfolio?

Want to build your career? Want a better job? Want to work in a top-tech company? Build a portfolio.

Bloggers: Read this before moving to https

To comprehensively secure your blog, you need to use a 3rd party feed management tool that serves your feed over http.

Benefits of https

If your site is only static site should you move it to https? Will moving to https impact site's seo? Read to find out.

What I learned about security and SEO by auditing 25000 sites

Auditing 25k sites to know the state of security and seo in the wild, wild web

Why I started developing in nodejs again?

Few months back, I started again with nodejs. It all started with Microsoft releasing Typescript. I wanted to learn it and try to use it. So I got back to developing with nodejs.

Installing Gogs on Webfaction

Host all your code repos on your webfaction account using Gogs

Installing MozDef on AWS

Step by step instructions to install Mozilla Defense Platform on AWS

Essential tools to build traction for your startup

Here is a step-by-guide for all the essential tools to build traction for your startup

Roundup of popular and emerging blogging platforms

Once you decide to blog, then comes the question of 'where' to blog. In this article, I list some of the popular and emerging choices.

Your Complete Guide To Vagrant On Mac

Developers, don't develop in a system close to production system, making deployment painful. Vagrant fills this gap.

Why I'm Learning Nodejs

Three reasons why I'm learning Nodejs.

NEFT/RTGS as a payment option for governmental transactions

Process flow diagram for introducing electronic transfers for delivering public services.

Great Free Apps For Your New Mac

Great free applications for your Mac

Solo Developers Aren't Just Programmers

If you are a indie programmer, you are a businessman. Earlier you realize it, it is better.

Is Slug A Necessary Feature Anymore?

So if Google doesn't go with slug why should you?

A First shot at web2py

Web2py makes web-programming and hosting on GAE easier.

Python for mobile programming?

Can python be used for mobile programming?

From complete obscurity to little bit of popularity

Django makes me popular

A distant dream comes true with Django

getting into web-development with django.