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Apps I use - Pocket

Starting point for adult learning is reading. Pocket app is the best tool to save articles and read them in batches.

What I learned about leadership from the book 'Lead like Jesus'

Leadership is holistic. Leaders should lead with humility and confidence.

Safari - A digital library for your career growth

Safari Online is a digital library for CXOs that has e-books, case studies, learning paths, and much more.

Best of what I consumed in 2018 Q1

Key points from the videos, articles, books, and audio books I consumed in 2018 Q1.

How I Use Twitter As A Learning Tool?

Of all the social media platforms, Twitter stands-out as a great place to discover and discuss ideas. Use it.

What I Have Been Reading

The best of books, blogs and newsletters (of 2013)

Books Read In 2013

Key insights from the eight books I read in 2013

Quotable quotes from 'A Game Plan For Life' by John Wooden

Quotes I liked from A Game Plan For Life.