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Seven tips to writing fantastic blog posts regularly

Lessons I learned on this topic from a decade of blogging.

Apps I use - Pocket

Starting point for adult learning is reading. Pocket app is the best tool to save articles and read them in batches.

What I learned about leadership from the book 'Lead like Jesus'

Leadership is holistic. Leaders should lead with humility and confidence.

Safari - A digital library for your career growth

Safari Online is a digital library for CXOs that has e-books, case studies, learning paths, and much more.

How to think structurally? A framework for developers.

Learning how to think is the best intellectual asset you can build for yourself. Here is one framework to help you.

Video to watch - Why Some of us Don't Have One True Calling

Do you have range of interests? The world needs you.

Best of what I consumed in 2018 Q1

Key points from the videos, articles, books, and audio books I consumed in 2018 Q1.

After 300 blog posts...

Through 12 years and 300 posts, blogging has become an integral part of me. It has been a rewarding journey.

The curse of EVERYTHING and NOW on building your career

Successful business-men advice you to learn as many business functions as you can learn. But you should be aware of a mental trap that comes with it.

Notes from day 2 of TiECon Chandigarh 2017

TiECon Chandigarh 2017 is a two-day conference focused on the theme of 'Entrepreneurship in times of change'. These are my notes from Day 2.

Notes from day 1 of TiECon Chandigarh 2017

TiECon Chandigarh 2017 is a two-day conference focused on the theme of 'Entrepreneurship in times of change'. These are my notes from Day 1.

How I Use Twitter As A Learning Tool?

Of all the social media platforms, Twitter stands-out as a great place to discover and discuss ideas. Use it.

What I Have Been Reading

The best of books, blogs and newsletters (of 2013)

Books Read In 2013

Key insights from the eight books I read in 2013

Challenges In 'Consume' Phase Of Learning

To learn successfully, you need to learn from authentic sources with a structure. Challenge is in discovering these sources and framing a structure.

Common Traps In Getting Meaningful Feedback

Three traps in getting feedback.

Documenting Your Decisions

Always document the context of a decision. You'll be surprised how this one activity can improve your decision making capability in the long term.

What's Wrong With Our Educational System?

Five factors that are wrong in our educational system.

Seven Insights From Two Months of Blogging

What I have learned blogging regularly.

Quotable quotes from 'A Game Plan For Life' by John Wooden

Quotes I liked from A Game Plan For Life.

How To Be A Champion And Remain One?

Becoming a champion is a three stage process. It is not a step-by-step process; these three stages may be present in varying degrees in the journey.

What is your learning model?

My learning model is of two layers - a core layer, domains in which I want to be an expert and a support layer, domains which will help me to practice my expertise effectively.