Podcasting In 2021

All the tools you need to get started with podcasting in 2021.

I started a podcast called Gravitas WINS recently. So far released 12 episodes.

From the first episode, I’ve iterated on almost everything - recording techniques, tools, time of release …

In this post, I list all the tools I use for podcasting.

Planning In Obsidian

Planning a podcast in obsidian

All planning happens in Obsidian.

  • topics to create
  • episode script
  • podcast checklist

Obsidian is my digital brain. Everything goes there.

If I’ve to edit on mobile, I use 1Writer.

Once content is ready, I read it aloud once or twice.

  • Are there “big” words that I could mispronounce?
  • Do I sound like talking to a friend or as corporate mumbo jumbo?
  • Is the speaking flow naturally from start to end?

I am now ready to record the episode.

Recording & Edit In GarageBand

Recording a podcast in Garage Band

Just before I record, I do some facial and voice exercises just to make sure I sound ok on the podcast.

I repeat phrases like,

  • laba laba laba
  • peeli pali poli

This is the part where my sons and wife tosses a coin if I’m still sane. 😱 😂

I record using GarageBand. I don’t use any special settings. “Narrative Vocal” works wonders for me.

I use ATR 2100 USB with a pop filter to record the podcast.

Hosting With Transistor.fm

Transistor.fm statistics dashboard

I host with Transistor FM .

I’ve been following Justin ever since his crazy experiements of “100 things to do in a year”.

For me creating a podcast is a crazy experiment. So hosting on his platform seemed just about right.

Also I’m part of his Megamaker club 😜

Cover Art With Sketch app

Podcast episode media creation with Sketch App

I use Sketch to create podcast cover and episode promotional images.

I live in India and 4 hour power-cuts are common. I need something that I can work even offline.

Also sketch has a great “pay once and use forever” pricing model.

Post Promotion

Promoting podcast episode on social media

How do I promote my podcasts?

As like my blog, only friends and family listen to them (more friends than my family).

I share as whatsapp status, LinkedIn story, LinkedIn post, Twitter story, Tweet…

Still early days to get good traffic.

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