Lee Launches on 'Application Development with no code and low code tools'

Low code & No code tools are becoming a category on their own. How should developers approach these tools?

Low code no code tools are not new. Excel is a classic example. Every marketing, finance, and admin department has tons of Excel sheets which should be hundreds of lines of code. There are many other tools like this. But recently low code no code tools have become a category of their own. In today’s conversation, Lee and I are discussing this trend and how developers should approach these tools.

What you’ll learn

  • Definition of Low Code & No Code tools
  • Categories of Low Code & No Code tools
  • Enterprise use cases for Low Code & No Code tools
  • Apps suited for Low Code & No Code tools
  • Low Code & No Code tools portability
  • Cost of Low Code & No Code tools development
  • How developers can get into Low Code & No Code tools development
  • What apps are suited for Low Code & No Code Tools
  • How IT Services can use Low Code & No Code Tools
  • ChatGPT & Low Code No Code Tools

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