'Digital Sales For Startups & Smes' With Roshni Baronia

Here is a mirror challenge for you - stand in-front of the mirror and sell your product or service to yourself.

I am so thrilled to have Roshni, an award winning podcast host and a strategic sales expert as a guest. We are going to discuss how sales is changing post covid, especially for startups and SMEs. Hope you’ll enjoy our conversation.

  • How has covid changed sales esp for startups and SMEs?
  • What hasn’t changed in sales and what won’t change?
  • Will we see fractional sales officers soon?
  • Do you think current time is the best for women to get into sales?
  • How can developers get good at sales?
  • I don’t want to get in front a real prospect and then mess up my chances. What are some of the ways I can practice selling?
  • What makes a person great at sales - skills, behavior etc?

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