Dr Sarika Verma on 'Why politics is important for all of us'

How can common people participate and improve politics in our country.

Politics touches every aspect of our lives - curriculum we study, roads we drive, businesses we can setup, interest rates we get, and nowadays, even the dress we can wear and food we can eat.

But most of us keep away from politics saying one excuse or the other. And then we lament the state of the country.

I am excited to discuss with a first generation politician Dr Sarika Verma about this topic. She is a practicing doctor and a spokesperson for AAP in Haryana. Even though my guest is from a particular political party, this episode is not about a particular ideology. We talk about politics in general and what we as common people can do to participate and improve politics in our country. Enjoy our conversation.

What you’ll hear

  • How Dr Srika started in politics?
  • Why Dr Sarika joined politics?
  • Managing politics and other responsibilities
  • Alternative to bigotry and corruption
  • Common people should take a stand
  • How can common people hold politicians accountable?
  • Can politics & ethics go together?
  • Can politics be a viable career option?
  • Skills needed for politics
  • How politicians have fun?
  • Technology & Politics
  • Kindest thing people have done
  • Living a good life
  • What is leadership & who has exhibited it?

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