Priyanka Sud on 'Prevention of sexual harassment at workplaces'

Managing sexual harassment at work - a guide for victims, responders, and colleagues

Millions of women are coming into workforce every year. If we have to keep them working, we have to make these workplaces safe for women. India has a comprehensive prevention of sexual harassment act. Today I’m discussing different aspects of the act with Priyanka, a practicing advocate.

What you’ll hear

  • What is sexual harassment?
  • Example of sexual harassment
  • Does POSH cover harassment of men?
  • What is ICC and its role?
  • Can sexual harassment happen online?
  • what is the process of reporting sexual harassment?
  • How should respondants act when charged?
  • Can the victim seek transfer to another project?
  • Role of the team
  • Evidence of expressing disinterest
  • How can we prevent sexual harassment?
  • Why POSH programs fail?
  • How can victims minimize the after effects?
  • What can families do to build healthy environments?

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