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Gravitas WINS Course

Get to the top. Stay on top

Course Sessions

1. Introduction to Gravitas WINS course

If you are competent and confident, you attract dollars, opportunities, position, and esteem. That is Gravitas. Can anyone develop Gravitas and gain from it? Yes, of course, if you get its building blocks right. Learn the building blocks and how to put them together.

2. Build your vision

Without vision, there is no hope. Your vision should reflect your talents, skills, and strengths. Build a vision that brings the best of you and empowers the world around you.

3. Turn your vision to action

Building a vision is just the start. Once you have a vision, it is time to execute. Learn to execute your vision incrementally and iteratively with a 12-week sprint.

4. Become a learning machine

If you are not updated, you’ll be outdated. Build a learning system with the “consume, produce, and engage” framework. You will consume to learn, produce to understand, and engage to spread your learning.

5. Structured thinking

The best intellectual asset you can build is structured thinking.

Fundamental requirement for solving business problems is structured thinking. SODAS - which stands for Situation, Options, Disadvantages, Advantages and Solution, is a simple methodology facilitating such structured thinking for problem solving and decision making.

6. Path to wealth

If wealth doesn’t get you discretionary time, it is just a millstone. Learn to construct a wealth ladder to pursue what is important to you in life.

7. Let network work for you

Your success depends on the number of people who want you to succeed. If that number is high, your chances are high. Learn to build a diverse and dense network so you can succeed and stay successful.

8. Stay on top with self-control

While wealth building, insights, and networking will get you to the top, you require self-control to stay on the top. Discover how you can build self-control.

Course Logistics

The course is 5-week-long class, starting in November 15th delivered via Zoom. We’ll meet every Saturday for 2 hours between 5 pm to 7 pm IST.

Each class will consist of three main sections:

Lecture: A 45-min session of diving deep into the topic
Q&A: A 15-min session of Q & A clearing doubts or discussing implementations of the topic discussed
Worksheets: You’ll have to fill corresponding worksheets for each topic. When you complete

Recordings of the webinars will be available for participants who could not catch them live.

Course Fees

Rs. 6000 (inclusive of GST)

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