Fame or Fortune

Know what wealth and popularity mean to you.

The wealthiest in Hollywood remain hidden from public eyes. They have chosen to be richer than popular.

You can think of fame vs. fortune as a two by two matrix.

Fame or Fortune

Not Rich & Not Known

We, as a family, have been in this state, and it is no fun. You have to escape this quadrant. Though hard-work might get you out of the misery, most probably you get out of this state because you get outside help and turned lucky.

Rich & Not Known

My favorite place. Given a choice, I would like to operate out of a beach house in Malaga and retain the possibility to walk around any town without anyone noticing me.

Not Rich & Known

Trump is a good example. He used his daddy’s money and borrowed money to put his name on high-rise buildings across New York while filing for bankruptcy more than once. He used his popularity to become the most powerful man in the world.

Rich & Known

A lot of people dream of this state. If you desire this place, you should know this: fame is a liability; fortune is a liability. You attract death threats, stalkers, harassment of family members, and extortion attempts. Not cool.

Ideal Place

You should know what wealth and popularity mean to you.

I define wealth as discretionary time. If money doesn’t aid me to be with my boys until they are bored, walk hand-in-hand with my wife through the woods, or talk to a friend-in-need when she needs it, that money is no good for me. I look at riches as a means to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want, for as long as I want.

Amir Khan defined fame for me: “I want to be recognized when I’m with my peers; I don’t care for the rest of the time.”

The ideal position is to be at the near-maximum of fortune, and enough fame to earn but not crave more.

What is your ideal place in the fame and fortune matrix?

Quote To Ponder

It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.- Oscar Wilde

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