Distilled wisdom

A concise summary of what I have learned

How can we learn a big idea so it sticks in our memory? Summarize big ideas into one sentence.

So here are my one sentences.

  • Marriage: Witness life together
  • Personal Finance: Earn, grow, protect money
  • Parenting: Kids mimic you, they don’t obey you
  • Risk: What is left after you have thought of everything that can go wrong
  • Project Management: What needs to be done, by when, by whom
  • People Management: Incentivize the behavior you want; punish the opposite
  • Running a business: Never run out of money
  • Stock Market Investing: Own profitable companies that pay you dividends
  • Leadership: Lead them to a place they never thought they would go
  • Healthy Food: Less steps and days from farm to plate
  • Exercise: Weights + cardio + rest
  • Weight Loss: Healthy diet + exercise
  • Life: Living your calling

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