Annual Reviews

There is no looking forward, if you don't look back to introspect

People are fond of making plans. I am fond of evalauting what worked in the days gone by. With that, I’m able to stack strengths towards success. Here are the published annual reviews.

  • 2023: Turning Fifty on a high note
  • 2022: Chasm of vanity metrics and wealth
  • 2021: Between dream and miracle
  • 2020: Pushing the WINS flywheel
  • 2019: Building a Personal Flywheel
  • 2018: Productive & Satisfied
  • 2016: A Productive and Joyful year
  • 2013: Breaking mental barriers
  • 2012: An Award To End The Year
  • 2011: Looking Back At 2011 With Pride And Satisfaction
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