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Next to programming, reading books (along with Photography) is my hobby. If I have not read a book in a month, I feel I’ve wasted that month; and I spend a weekend exclusively on reading.

Topics I read vary, but I’m particularly interested in practical applications of theories than plain academics. Software Engineering, Management and Self-development top my reading list; followed by theology and psychology. I do read novels and other topics but they have to be really interesting for me as I dedicate less time to straying away from my primary interests.

With increasing work load at office and at home, there is a serious crunch for time to read books. So when I came across a service that enables one to read books via email, I was thrilled. DailyLit emails a snippet of a book daily at a time of your choice.

I like it because it is via email - any ways email client, in my case Microsoft Outlook, is opened throughout the day; it is a snippet, it takes only 10 minutes a day. And since I got Blackberry, I can read the book snippet anywhere.

I’ve already read Tom Peters’ 100 ways to succeed/Make Money in 100 installments. Currently I’m subscribed to Good Experience Columns, series of articles on improving user/customer experience. I’ve gotten only 3 installments and I’m already loving it.

DailyLit has both free and paid services. I’ll try out couple of more free books and then wouldn’t mind subscribing to their paid services.

If you are a book-lover, like me, and crunched for time, try DailyLit. You might like it.

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