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Invoking external API from React Native using Fetch

Learn to invoke external APIs using Fetch network API and modify values using state.

Using 3rd Party Libraries in React Native

In this tutorial, we will learn to use one of the library from the ever expanding React Native ecosystem.

Creating a Custom Component in React Native

It is easy to compose our own custom components in React Native. In this post, we compose a simple quote component.

Adding buttons with images in React Native

Almost all mobile applications use buttons and images. In this tutorial, we will learn to add buttons and images to a React Native application.

Saying Hello In React Native

React Native and Expo makes it easy to write cross-platform mobile apps. Let us start with a hello world.

Descriptive analytics in Javascript

Descriptive analytics is usually the first step in data analytics exercise. As the name suggests, it describes a dataset.

Gulp - a beginner's guide

Gulp is a tool that automates many of the tasks associated with development. It brings consistency to development process, thus eliminating development errors.

Simple tutorial to understand props vs state in React.js

Use props to send information to a component. Use state to manage information created and updated by a component.

Create React.js component with Typescript

Components are an essential building blocks of React.js. In this guide, we will create a simple React Hello component in Typescript.

Getting started with React.js and Typescript

React.js is a Javascript UI library by Facebook. In this guide, we will wire it up with Typescript to display a "Hello World" on the browser page.

Write your book using softcover and docker

Softcover provides a tool to build the book and publish. Use docker to install this publishing tool.

Connecting to SQL db from Hapi using TypeORM

Connect to Postgresql from Hapi via TypeORM, a typescript based ORM

NPM as a build tool for Typescript projects

Use npm as a build tool for compiling Typescript, monitoring changes, and restarting development server.

In-depth guide to handling routes in hapijs

Routes help us to add functionality to our web-apps. Understanding how to add routes to hapijs apps.

Export Postgresql data to text files using nodejs

Connect to a relational db via TypeORM from nodejs (typescript)

Comprehensive guide to using Gulp with hapi.js & Typescript

Gulp automates many of the tasks in the development process. Here we use gulp to compile typescript files and restart hapi.js server.

Learn to build web-applications with Hapijs and Typescript

Want to learn to program in hapi and typescript? Come on in.

Step by step guide to dockerizing a hapijs app

How to dockerize an existing hapijs application so that you can deploy with ease and confidence

Using Pouchdb with nodejs

If you want to store unstructured data locally, checkout PouchDb

Auditing a website with nodejs

Auditing a site for SEO, security, and performance is time-consuming, and tedious. Automate it with nodejs.

Redirecting a URL using nodejs

Merged sites? Don't want to lose traffic to old site? Redirect with a simple app.

Why I started developing in nodejs again?

Few months back, I started again with nodejs. It all started with Microsoft releasing Typescript. I wanted to learn it and try to use it. So I got back to developing with nodejs.

Getting started with HapiJS and Typescript

Learning to use typescript with hapijs

A beginner's reference guide to TypeScript Language

TypeScript is a layer on top of JavaScript targeting developer's productivity.

Introduction To Sailsjs Testing

Basics on getting started with testing Sailsjs apps

Installing Sailsjs On Webfaction

Let us see how to install sailsjs on webfaction and how to serve this app to the world.

Getting Started With Sailsjs

Sailsjs, like any web-framework has many parts. Lets get it installed to start developing with it.

Why I'm Learning Nodejs

Three reasons why I'm learning Nodejs.