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Have you chosen well?

When all is lost, memories and meaning will stay. That is a good enough for me.

Entrepreneurship is a metamorphosis, not a baptism

When I was an employee, I used to think that being an entrepreneur is much like an employee, only with added responsibilities. Now that I am an entrepreneur, I realize how foolish I was.

Notes From Session With Mahavir Sharma, Serial Entrepreneur & Trustee, TiE, Global

Notes from interactive session with Mahavir Sharma at TiE, Chandigarh

Podcasts I Listen

I have never been a 'listening' guy; I'm more a 'reading' guy. But with launch of my startup, I turned to podcasts to learn.

Powerful Words That Transformed My Worldview In 2014

Some words have magic in them. They pop out of screens and alter our perspectives permanently. An article by Allison Vesterfelt did exactly that.

Insights From Startup Expo @ ISB, Mohali

A crash course on everything startups need to know.

Five Insights From Successful Indian Entrepreneurs

Inspiration from those who ran before me.

Paranoid is ok; Paralysis is not ok

As I build my new company, I will find myself in novel situations. I may become uncertain, nervous and sweaty. Yet, never should I become paralysed. It will destroy everything I build.

Big Ideas From Peter Theil

Seven big challenging ideas from Peter Theil, Paypal founder

Top Ten Articles Read In February

February was a month for consumption. I read a lot. I'm listing the top 10 blog-posts with key-points.

Striking a balance

Is striking a balance always right?

Best Of Jan Reads

Thinking in ratios and doing things together may turn out to be the best tips of this year.

When To Listen To Your Critics?

You better listen to critics. But not when you ideate.

Do Credentials Matter?

One's credentials do not guarantee success; it's their attitude that makes or breaks a venture.

Who Wins - Jack or The Hammer Man?

Widen your knowledge rather than develop a narrow vision.

Ignorant Of Many Things

There are three types of ignorance - should know but don't know, better to know but don't know, don't care to know, so don't know.

Are You Learning A New Domain? Visit Its Zoo

If you are learning about a new domain, learn about its individual entities well before jumping into its ecosystem.

What I Learned Building For AppStore

Eight key lessons from building and selling Mac & iOS apps.

Get Over Your Fears, For They Are Just Imaginary

Beauty of believable lies is that, part of the statement is a fact and a false part attaches itself to the fact part so innocuously that we believe the whole statement to be true.

How To Get The Feedback That You Deserve

Obtaining feedback is critical to designing products that stand the test of time. But getting meaningful feedback isn't easy.

38 Lessons

I look back at what I learned, one lesson for each year I have spent in the journey.

Don't Make All Mistakes; Learn From Other's

We can't learn from our mistakes because we, as humans in general, are averse dissecting them. So let's learn from other's mistakes.

Build An Ecosystem For Learning

I explain the framework I have defined to assist my self-learning. I list the tools that help me to learn.

It's Not A Blog, It's A Book

How Guy Kawasaki's advice changed my blogging practice.

Are You Unlearning?

Most learning is true within its context. When that context changes, are you prepared to unlearn?

Lessons In Consulting

Consulting is the only profession where you are paid to learn on the job. It is exciting as well as frightening. But if you got a right mind-set, there is no other profession like consulting.

5 Steps To Achieve Your Goal – Lessons From Failures

Are you moving towards your goal or just spining round and round?

What We Need Is Integrated Thinking. Not Polarized Perspectives

Even in this scientific age, our minds have not evolved to hold supposedly conflicting ideas. In our proclivity for quick closure, we simplify and settle on one side of the camp.

How to Ask For Help and Get It?

We recognize that with little help we can make a head-way. But out of inhibition, we do not ask for help. If you are suffering because you do not ask for help, here are five insights to help you.

Smart People Ask For Help. Do You Ask For Help?

You don't have to sweat it alone. Be smart and seek expert's help

Four Lessons I Learned While Working For A Cardiac Surgeon

Four lessons I learned while developing an IT system for a cardiac surgeon.

Don't Despise Little Beginnings

Long before an achievement comes to light, somewhere there is a small step. Don't ignore it.

Words that changed my life

The words that brough magic into my life.

Lessons I learned from IPL

While corporate business and cricket are different domains, IPL has brought them together. Here are some lessons for corporates from IPL.

Life’s little lessons

three of the best life lessons