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Site Upgrades and its reasons

2008.12.21 / /

Few site upgrades

If you are reading this post on your favorite RSS reader, you may not notice any change. But if you read it on the website, you will notice that site layout is changed. There are two reasons for this change:

I was running an older version of WordPress (2.3). I didn't have any issues with 2.3 - security or usability. I just wanted to check out the latest features offered by the newer version. That one was a geeky reason. There was another reason too.

When I started this blog, way back in 2003, I had no particular topic or direction in mind. Since I was interested in many topics - programming, theology, consulting, new ideas and so on - I wrote about whatever came in freely, when I remembered to write. These articles generated web traffic, beyond my surprise, but I wasn't focused on anything in particular. I was wandering and polluting the pages.

Now that I've become a freelancer (oh! I didn't tell you that? That will be another post), I've decided to keep this blog focused. I hope to keep the articles under the below categories:

**Programming **- I've been a programmer and I loved it - COBOL, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic and now Python. I find that Python provides an easier route to translate my thoughts into working software. Hence, posts in this category will be primarily on Python (Django and IronPython). This category will also include my learning on other related aspects of programming - architecture, design, testing, documentation and so on.

Personal-MBA - As programmers, we're comfortable sitting in front of the computer and program. But if we have to be successful, we also have to know to promote ourselves (or product or idea), negotiate a price (or salary), persuade potential stakeholders to support our idea, manage interpersonal relations and so on. I could not force myself into going to school again. So I'm following Josh Kaufman's idea of Personal MBA - getting the knowledge through reading the best books. Posts in this category will be my learning from these books.

Travel - The Smell, Sight and Sound of new land are too much for me to resist. I'll capture my experiences in these articles.

Elsewhere - I'm a man of many interests and will remain so. I am not limiting my interests - just focusing this blog to the above topics. This category of posts will be aggregation of posts that I post elsewhere.

General- Site updates and any articles that doesn't fit into the above categories.

With this thought process, I've upgraded to WordPress 2.7. WordPress team has always emphasized on ease-of-use and it has improved upon it, version by version. In 2.7, they've gone one step ahead - plug-ins can be installed from within the admin login (you don't have to access via shell or ftp - except for few plug-ins that need change in file permissions). WordPress come with fantastic set of plug-ins and here are the plug-ins that I've installed:

Akismet  - This is a must plug-ins to keep the spammers away from your comment section. You need an API key which, you can get by registering in

Official StatCounter Plug-in - I use StatCounter for web statistics. It is easy to install and provides a simple tracking mechanism.

FeedBurner : WordPress provides feeds by default, but feedburner provides facility to track subscriptions.

WordPress Mobile Edition - You Can't Afford to Lose Mobile Readers. This plug-in enables your blog to be viewable in any mobile browser, irrespective of the operating system. Traffic from this mobile plug-in is not part of the web traffic as Statcounter plug-in depends on JavaScript.

Other plug-ins include: Simple Google Sitemap, Contact Form 7 , Simple Archive Generator, Clean Archives Reloaded, WordPress Reports.

The theme used is Arthemia. I selected this theme because of its professional magazine like style with placeholders for Google Ads.

If you've comments on improving the site, please leave them in the comments section.

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