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Simplify Your Life With A Simple Application

2011.10.03 / my-apps /

Checklists are effective. Here is an application to collect all checklists for you.

All of us want to excel in the domains that we practice - be it photography, web development or teaching. But sometimes it hits you that these fields have become too large for us to handle.

It is not just that the domains have become too large. Now, we are expected to posses skills in many of the associated fields to be successful. It is not enough that you can focus and capture amazing pictures, but you need to be able to persuade clients to engage you for assignments, negotiate fees and also effectively manage time.

When all of these crowd your mind, you tend to forget things - some times even the crucial things. That leads to disasters which can't be forgiven, because you knew you had to do it, you knew how to do it, yet forgot to do it.

That is how proposals are emailed to wrong clients and product upgrades are done without shuting down email servers!

But is there a remedy? Can this be solved?

“Yes,” says Atul Gawande in his book, The Checklist Manifesto. If not obvious from the book title, he recommends us to use checklists.

I stand by checklists, because I use them and I have found their effectiveness.

Because I'm convinced of the effectiveness of checklists, I have created a web-application to be a repository of checklists.

It is only the first version. But you can already create checklists and tag them. I have list of additional features to implement (like delete, modify checklists, share in social media etc.), Still you can mail me your suggestions.

Now its your time to go and create checklists, because you don't want to make stupid mistakes.

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