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Say In Pixels - a photoblog in Django

2008.06.24 / code / python / django /

A photoblog coded in Django

I love to take photos. And show off!

The problem is I don't take good photos. To take good photos, I need to take lots of photos. I will take lots of photos, if I can show off. To show off, I need an easy to use application which fits my bill. See my problem?

To host a photoblog, one needs enormous disk space which demands enormous money. :-( Okay there is Flickr (leaving aside Microsoft's attempt to mess it up). But Flickr allows only members to comment. And it is not well suited as a photoblog.

So I decided to write a photoblog on my own. It is easier to code it on my own rather than complaining about all the existing ones. (May be someone else will complain about mine. But then, that would indicate that mine became popular!)

So here are the feature list that my photoblog will have:

  1. Will be Django based - Cool way to learn Django. If I can't use technology to solve my problem, how can I use it to solve other's problems.
  2. Flickr Integration - I'll keep Flickr as primary storage.
  3. Tagging - Categories are one dimensional. Lets get away from it. Read more at Organize Pictures. How cool it would be if EXIF data also is used as tags?
  4. All other generic blog features - like comments, archives and the rest.
  5. PixelPost** in Django?** - # 1 photoblog application. But that is in PHP. Can I match it in features - especially easy to install? - and in popularity?

Only time will tell if I become a better photographer.

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