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Migrating BlogEasy To iOS7

2013.09.29 / /

Migrating an iOS6 app to iOS7

BlogEasy is a Mac & iOS app to publish to any Wordpress blog. iOS7 version is now live in the app stores. If you are a blogger using Wordpress, you should check it out.

Like many developers, I migrated BlogEasy to iOS7. Here I explain the steps I took to migrate.

First, let me tell you the choices that made migration easy:

There are only 6 screens in the app:

  1. add a new Wordpress blog
  2. list all user-added blogs
  3. create / update local draft
  4. set meta data for the post (publish time, category, tags etc)
  5. preview
  6. settings

Migrating Screens

All of the screens were in code except only one (screen to add a new Wordpress blog) which was in xib. There was only one problem in iOS7. The larger navigation bar in iOS7 overlapped with the controls. As there were only three rows of controls, fixing it was easy; I just had to adjust the controls until there was no overlap.

iOS6 & iOS7 Screens

Migrating Customizations

BlogEasy allows users to write their posts in markdown. To facilitate writing in markdown, there is a set of buttons on top of the iOS keyboard. In iOS7, tint colors were changed and these shortcut keys were not visible. Below minor changes made them visible.

self.keyboardToolbar.barStyle = UIBarStyleBlackTranslucent; self.keyboardToolbar.tintColor = [UIColor darkGrayColor];


self.keyboardToolbar.barStyle = UIBarStyleDefault;

iOS7 Keyboard tint color

Other Code Changes

Changes in iOS7 SDK forced few more minor changes.

[self.navigationController dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:NO];

had to be changed to

[self.navigationController dismissViewControllerAnimated:NO completion:nil];

and initializingLabel.textAlignment = UITextAlignmentCenter;

had to be changed to

initializingLabel.textAlignment = NSTextAlignmentCenter;


With the world going flat with iOS7[1], I decided to change the icon of BlogEasy. I used the free but excellent AppIcon Template by Michael Flarup. There is a problem with the photoshop-action in CS4. But as suggested by Gabe Grand via twitter, I exported the icons hiding useless layers. The icon itself comes from Alexandria Eddings of the noun project.

Launch Images

Changing launch images frustrated me.

I created launch images as per Apple docs. But whenever the app was launched, I saw the AppIcon overlaid on top of the launch image. I spent two days searching google and reading all the technical documents that I could read about launch images. I launched the app tens of times only to notice the overlay. I created a question in Stackoverflow and also in technical forums. John Griffith, from the Apple technical forum, opened my eyes to the mistake I was committing.

I used iDraw to create launch images. While exporting the image as .png, I mistakenly selected 'All Objects' instead of 'Entire Canvas.' That created a transparent image rather than an opaque one. Apparently, iOS7 resort to such overlay when the launch image is a transparent one.

Pff…changing that one drop down value while exporting from iDraw gave me such a relief.

Social Media Updates

Since I updated the app-icon, I updated the profile pages of twitter and facebook page with the new icons.

There is a dropbox integration in BlogEasy to store published posts. Whenever someone links BlogEasy with dropbox, dropbox displays a notice with the app-icon. So I updated the icon for dropbox too.

(Icon sizes for each of these sites are different. I wish a service like [Gravatar] comes up which can be used in all of these sites. At the least a service which can take the biggest icon and resize and update all of these sites.)

As you can see the migration was relatively easy. If you already have BlogEasy, update now; if you don't have a copy and if you are a blogger, download now.

  1. Not entirely true; it went flat long ago. But for those of us bounded in Apple-state, flat is a recent phenomenon.

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