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IronPython talks to Google AppEngine

2008.09.29 / ironpython /


I'm continuing from my earlier posts on Time Tracking Tool and Authenticating in GAE. When I started with Time Tracking Tool, I had the idea of having a server which will act as a centralized data repository - laptop/desktop tool, mobile tool should send data to the server and data will be analyzed in the server.

To that end, I got the windows desktop client tool talking to a server application. The server is a Google AppEngine Application. Currently there is not much in the server side. Just plain data that is transferred from the client tool. I'll continue to work on the components and improve on the features - especially dashboard, analytics and similar other features.

To start with download the windows client tool ( - as the general practice x.x denotes the version) and unzip the content to a directory. You can use the client tool as a standalone tool (without synchronizing data to the server). This is the default configuration. However if you are okay to synchronize then modify the config.xml accordingly.

  <email>[email protected]</email>

As I said before, client tool works as a stand alone tool by default. If you're okay to synchronize the data, then change this to 1. I use Google Authentication, hence you need to have a gmail account and provide these in the respective xml nodes.

(A note about data privacy: I don't pass your email id to the server. So I wouldn't know about your email id. If you are particular about your email id, which you should be, then create another gmail id for this purpose.

Also, since code for the server is shared, you can download the GAE code and host it on your own).

This is a working version. I'm using it to capture details and synchronize with the GAE server. As I continue to find bugs, I'll fix them. However if you find bugs, please report them. (A user reported that it doesn't work with x64. I don't know how to fix it. I will search around to fix it).

Next steps? Incorporate with Google Charts to provide some neat analytics reports, so that it really becomes an useful tool.

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