hapi with Typescript

Learn to build scalable web-applications with ease

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What readers are saying

The content of the book is in very simple language along with very good examples. After ‘Programming in C’ by Yashwant Kanitkar, I like this book.

Hemant Thakur - Project Consultant, E&Y

Very clean reading. Explains the best of TypeORM in a short manner.

Umed Khudoiberdiev - Creator, TypeORM

Just picked up my copy last week and after a long time am thoroughly enjoying learning something new and reading a book on coding.

Munish Jauhar - CEO, GrayCell Technologies

What you will learn

1. Basics of hapi.js & TypeScript

You'll learn to install hapi.js, typescript, and understand essentials of routing, connecting to db, and using templates. You will get an overall view of Hapi with this chapter.

2. Introduction to Typescript

Learn all the concepts of Typescript. Learn to compile TypeScript code automatically using `npm scripts`.

3. hapi.js plugin system

Learn how to use Hapi plugin systems to modularize your Hapi project.

4. Routes, request, and reply

Learn how to map the incoming requests to a handling function.

5. Using SQL Databases

Learn how to use TypeORM to connect to database. Learn lifecycle events supported by TypeORM.

6. Validating with Joi

Learn to use Joi plugin to validate parameters and payloads.

7. Testing hapi.js

Learn to use Lab plugin to test apis. Learn to test UIs through Zombi.js.

8. Supporting resources

Learn hapidock, a docker based container that you can use to quickly start developing Hapi applications.

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About me

I'm Joseph Jude. I have been interested in teaching since my childhood. While still in school, I coached my fellow classmates. I continued to be a teacher and a mentor even in corporate jobs. Since I'm trained as a software engineer, I started to teach technology subjects. hapi with Typescript is my second book. My first book is about Ionic Framework, which was published by Apress. You can view my amazon page to know more about the book. I write about full-stack programming in my blog.