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A time tracking tool

2008.09.01 / my-apps / oss /

An open source time tracking tool

While I was waiting for Django 1.0 to be released, I wanted to quickly learn to develop desktop applications. I preferred it to be on Python so that I can continue to learn the language. I did an evaluation of different options and settled on IronPython.

As a consultant, there is always a need to submit timesheets. By the end of the day/week, it is difficult to remember the tasks done during that time-span (day/week). If somehow a tool can capture applications that were worked on, then it will help.

So I developed an application for the same.

This application polls the active window at an interval of 5 seconds and captures the application details (application name and the application title) and the time spent on each of these tasks.

time tracking tool

time tracking tool

It can be minimized into systray so that it can continue to capture details without any disturbance (first icon).

One can download the details on the grid as a csv file too.

Currently that is all in there. As I continue to use (and probably get some feedback) I will continue to enhance it.

The project is hosted in my repo.

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