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Notes from 'Steve Jobs'

2012.02.15 / books /

Key points from this fascinating book.

My brother-in-law gifted me ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson, owing to my love for everything Apple. I can’t tell you why I couldn’t put the book down before completing it - is it my curiosity about Steve Jobs or the easy-to-read style of the book. Either way, it was a fascinating read.

Steve Jobs Book

Enough is already written about the book, so I’m not attempting to write a review of the book. Rather I present here those points I noted from the book. These are not word-to-word highlights but my understanding and interpretations:

On Creating Products

On Marketing

If there is anything that CEOs and companies want to learn from Apple or Steve Jobs, it should be these principles. Not his idiosyncrasies.

On Company Development

Despite his big blown ego, he didn’t want Apple to be only about him. He wanted to build a company that will out-last him. Media overhyped his eccentricities but didn’t do justice to his ability to develop a company. Here is my view of range of factors he displayed in building Apple:

‘A’ players hire ‘A’ players. But ‘B’ players hire ‘C’ players so that they can feel superior. Soon you got a ‘bozo explosion’ in your company.

In the pretext of cost cutting, he didn’t hire B & C players. He had the knack to seduce the best to join his team.

On Personal Life

Living in India, all that I know about his life is through this book and other news media. So I’m not going to pass any judgement.

Enough to say, his life is a quintessential Hollywood movie - given for adoption at birth, raised in a middle-class family, dropped out of college, hit a jackpot and became a millionaire before thirty but went into obscurity only to come out to change the world forever, managed to find love both in personal and professional life and importantly was lucky enough to live out his passion to the last minute.

Tell me, who would’t want to be Steve Jobs?

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