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Notes from Lean Startup Session by TiE, Chandigarh

Jul 18, 2015

Key component of a startup is the feedback loop…

Roundup of popular and emerging blogging platforms

Jul 17, 2015

Once you decide to blog, then comes the question of 'where' to blog. In this article, I list some of the popular and emerging choices. …

A step by step guide to Email marketing with Zoho campaign

Jul 7, 2015

Email converts 40 times more than Twitter and Facebook combined. With such high conversion rates, startups and small business may well focus solely on email marketing.…

How I designed a super cool icon for free

Jun 25, 2015

A great icon aids your app to stand out in a crowded AppStore. Now you can design a great icon for free.…

Entrepreneurship is a metamorphosis, not a baptism

May 5, 2015

When I was an employee, I used to think that being an entrepreneur is much like an employee, only with added responsibilities. Now that I am an entrepreneur, I realize how foolish I was.…

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