Certainties & Serendipities

in a startup life by @jjude

Video To Watch: Ideas are easy, execution is everything by John Doerr

Oct 1, 2015

John Doerr, venture capitalist, talks about the next big things and how to identify great ventures…

My Itches, My Ventures

Sep 16, 2015

Is Paul Graham right? Is scratching your own itch the best way to build a product? I'm sure to find the answer soon.…

What I learnt in a year as an entrepreneur

Sep 2, 2015

Three lessons I learnt in a year as an entrepreneur…

Notes from Lean Startup Session by TiE, Chandigarh

Jul 18, 2015

Key component of a startup is the feedback loop…

Roundup of popular and emerging blogging platforms

Jul 17, 2015

Once you decide to blog, then comes the question of 'where' to blog. In this article, I list some of the popular and emerging choices. …

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